Impact Tutoring

Impact Tutoring is a Sudbury, Ontario based company that provides private tutoring to students in Sudbury's South End and the surrounding area.

  • We customize our sessions based on each student's individual needs
  • We work with students primarily in the areas of mathematics and the sciences
  • We meet with students in their homes or in public spaces, whichever is most convenient
  • Science North
  • Downtown Sudbury
Our Name

When choosing a name for our tutoring service, we wanted something that represented both the Sudbury area (and its basin) and the positive effect we hoped to have on our students' educations - "Impact" was a perfect fit.

Our Location

We are proud members of the community of the City of Greater Sudbury. By participating in local events, supporting local businesses, and working with students in the area, we do our best to positively impact our home region.

Our Mascot

Impact Tutoring is the proud owner of the standard grey chinchilla, Ryuzaki. His inquisitive nature makes him the perfect pet for a tutor!

If you are having difficulty grasping concepts in your secondary or post-secondary mathematics or science course, or need assistance preparing for a professional exam, Impact Tutoring can help. We have the experience and knowledge to help you understand various mathematical and scientific ideas, including (but not limited to) the following:.

Secondary Mathematics
  • Linear Systems
  • Characteristics of Functions
  • Derivatives and their Applications
  • Trigonometry
Secondary Chemistry
  • Properties of Matter
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Rates of Reaction
Post-Secondary Mathematics
  • Matrices
  • Integration
  • Graph Theory
  • Logical Statements
Post-Secondary Chemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Thermodyamics
  • Properties of Solutions
  • Electrochemistry
Professional Exams
  • Arithmetic without a calculator
  • Interest calculations
  • Area and volume
  • Mathematics review
Secondary Biology
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Evolution
  • Genetics
  • Biochemistry

Tutoring with us come with many advantages; we have listed a few of these below. Contact us to see for yourself!


We have lots of it! Donna Keranen had nine years of experience tutoring students in mathematics and chemistry before she founded Impact Tutoring.

Variable Session Length

Past experience has taught us that sessions of 1.5-2 hours maximize productiveness while minimizing distraction, but no maximum session length will be imposed. At minimum, a tutoring session should be 45 minutes.

Competitive Rates

At forty dollars ($40) per hour of tutoring, we offer competitive rates for quality service.

Flexible Hours

From early morning to late evening, we will arrange our schedule to fit yours.

We have it.

Donna has extensive experience tutoring and being an in-classroom teacher.

  • Private mathematics and chemistry tutor
  • Secondary Occasional Teacher for the Rainbow District School Board
  • University Teacher's Assistant in chemistry and mathematics

Indirect teaching.

  • University math drop-in centre assistant
  • Youth centre supervisor
  • Playground supervisor
Donna Keranen

Tutor & Director

B. Sc. Nipissing University 2012

B. Ed. Nipissing University 2013

Donna knew that she wanted to be a teacher from the time that she was a young girl attending elementary school in the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. In order to reach her goal, she tutored her peers and worked with youth throughout her time there and in secondary school. Her love of mathematics lead her to complete a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry, followed by a Bachelor of Education. Armed with a strong background in mathematics and chemistry, a teaching education, and a passion for learning, Donna was ready to start teaching. And so, Impact Tutoring was born.

Our Team

Mélodie Cyr
Mélodie Cyr


Mélodie chose to stay in her hometown of Sudbury for her post secondary education, and is currently enrolled at Laurentian University, completing a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Physics. After completing this degree, she hopes to attend the Northern School of Medicine in Sudbury, on her path to becoming an oncologist. Mélodie has a passion for science and learning about the workings of our incredible universe. She wants to help others achieve their dreams by sharing the knowledge that she has gained in her studies.

Adrian Kuchtaruk
Adrian Kuchtaruk


Adrian is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology from Queen’s University, and is back in his hometown of Sudbury for the summer. He has a great love for the STEM subjects, which he has demonstrated through his time as an research assistant at both Health Sciences North’s Cancer Centre, and the Kingston General Hospital’s cardiology department. Adrian plans to pursue his passion for science and medicine by attending medical school to become a family physician.

Brett MacKinnon
Brett MacKinnon


Brett is currently enrolled in the chemical engineering program at Laurentian University, after which he plans to pursue further education in this field in the form of a master's degree. He has extensive knowledge in math, chemistry, and physics, which he uses (along with his positive outlook) to help others with their studies. In his spare time, Brett enjoys team sports, such as hockey, as well as competing in weightlifting competitions with Laurentian’s weightlifting club.

Kira Bruce
Kira Bruce


Kira is currently enrolled at Laurentian University, where she is completing a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Physics. She plans to get a Masters and possibly a PhD in the Medical Physics field to work as a medical physicist within cancer clinics. She enjoys learning not only about the wonder of the universe, but also about the wonders of the human body and how to fix either when problems arise. She looks forward to helping students by expanding their knowledge of these subjects.

Cassandra Guilfoyle
Cassandra Guilfoyle


Cassandra is currently enrolled in Laurentian University’s Concurrent Education program, with a focus on mathematics. She plans to teach in the future, travelling the world to help children learn. Cass was a member of her university curling team, where she applied her mathematical knowledge to excel..

Amrita Gill
Amrita Gill


Amrita has recently moved back to her hometown of Sudbury, after studying in Quebec and British Columbia for several years. She is a recent graduate of The University of British Columbia, with a degree in Science and Psychology. She is an experienced tutor in a variety of subjects, with a focus in Mathematics. She has a strong passion for teaching, and she is planning to attend an education program in the future. She enjoys working closely with her students as a tutor, and helping them build confidence in their studies.